Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Annual SLS Christmas Choir and Band Concert

What is better than kids making music come alive... Our singing saints now has young men joining in record numbers. They made beautiful music at the concert.

Look at this focused attention. Our students have such fun preparing and presenting their Christmas concert. Way To Go Music Students...

Mr. Wang directing his band students. Oh the things they can do...

The Letter C means Christmas Cookies and Chef

The Pre-kindergarten classroom was transformed into a classroom kitchen as we enhanced our study of the letter "C" by baking Christmas cookies. Each student participated in the dough making, cookie cutting, decorating and eating our yummy creations! "Chef Shaw" guided this multi sensory culinary cooking project...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Science - 5th Graders Discover Owl Pellets

Our SLS 5th graders dissected owl pellets with week as part of their science study of ecosystems and food chains / food webs. Many interesting bone discoveries were made during this lab. The students looked at bone chars to help id what type of animal was eaten by their owl... Neat stuff.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ECD Christmas Program Sunday at 6 PM

Springfield Lutheran School Presents the
Early Childhood Christmas Program
Sunday - December 5 at 6 PM
Here are some pictures from the chapel "dress rehersal" this Wednesday.
It doesn't get any better than this...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Yoyo Man

Mr. John Fox, from Seattle, came to talk with us today about life, school and yo yos. He showed us lots of different trick to do with a common yoyo. Mr. Baker remembers his yo yo years when he was young. John even taught a couple of our guy students how to curtsy. We all had a great time. Yo yos are being sold out of the school office for the next week. Ask your student about the pitrate flag (the scull and crossbones).

Friday, November 19, 2010

OEA and Fall Produce

The 6th grade under Mrs. Schaller's watchful eye have been growing fall vegetables. Today they made the final picking. Cabbage, broccoli and fall lettuce were on the harvest list. Now to find a way to get kids to eat the wonderful things they were able to grow. They are still not sure about the okra???

Up In The Air....

The yearbook committee - 8th Grade and Mr. Wanner wanted to have the kids form the letters of our school for possible use as our 2011 yearbook cover photo. Mr Baker was sent to the roof top and the children were arranged to spell out SLS. It was a beautiful day.

As you can see we needed Mr. Baker to be much higher to see the letters. Well the L can out nice. "Best laid plans of mice and men apt do..."

4th Grade Chapel - Thanksgiving

This Wednesday the 4th grade and Mr. Heilman presented the weekly chapel service. The theme of the chapel was avoid being "spiritually tired and / or tired. The 4th grade students also shared their musical talents with the rest of the school.

4th grade introduced the theme with selected Bible passages, three skits, and a Thanksgiving game. We even got some students to do push-ups for us to see how many they could do without becoming too tired. The kids loved it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Violin Students Share Talent at Chapel

Today during chapel, our advanced violin class participated in worship! The students were directed by violin teacher, Mrs. Liz Kehl. SLS offers both a beginning and an advanced violin class. Currently 12 students, ranging from first through third grade, participate in violin instruction.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girls Travel to State Volleyball Tournament

We could not be prouder of our girls who traveled to the state tournament and won the bronze division, won top spot on the "idol" competation and were awarded the sportmanship award for their team play and tournament attitude...

Fourth Grade To Close

Not all learning occurs in the classroom. Our fourth grade recently travel to Close Memorial Park on the South Creek Trail. There was lots to see and learn about. The new botanical garden building was recently completed. It is a great beginning for our community. There is much to learn in our comunity both inside and outside our classroom.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Student Teacher Ms. Erickson - The Egg Lesson

In science we are studying adaptations. One of the activities we did involved eggshells. We took the halves and placed them on the desk. Next we placed textbooks on top of the eggshells and saw how many textbooks we can put on top of the eggshells. We saw how the dome shape helps strengthen the egg, but the egg is still fragile so the baby chick can get out.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Classroom Chapel - 6th Grade

Mrs. Schaller and her sixth grade class lead our morning worship today. They reminded us about the work of Martin Luther and the events of the reformation. We learned about the grace of God and how that knowledge changed young Martin's life. The class played "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" on the pipes. Thanks 6th Grade for leading our worship...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sixth Grade Visits Drury Science Center

Mrs. Schaller's sixth graders were invited to tour the Drury Science center and to participate in some science demonstrations presented by Dr. Petrich's chemistry students. We watched CO2 change into a solid before our very eyes.
Dr. Petrich is a chemistry professor at Drury and really loves science. We had a great trip and it has caused some of us to consider careers in science, maybe even chemistry.
Thank you Dr. Petrich and students for your time and attention to our visit.. We had a great time.

Our Faces On Facebook

What a fun group at SLS. The Staff and faculty of SLS are working had to get the good news of SLS out to our community. We have a facebook page with regular postings. We change the pictures on our profile to reflect the different faces of SLS. Please friend us and join in the fun.
Last week SLS honored the 8th graders playing on our volleyball team. We introduced the girls and their parents at our last home game. These wonderful girls have worked very hard and our team has done very well. Coach Brand has high hopes for our girls. Our last competition will be at the Missouri Lutheran State Volleyball Tournament on the first weekend of November. BUMP SET SPIKE!!! Good luck in your final tournament.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kindergarten Chapel

Today's chapel was lead by Mrs. Swearingen and her kindergarten class. We continued our learning on this month's Fruit of the Spirit - Patience. The kindergarten class is so willing to share their love of singing. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

We are all under construction in the Lord's kingdom. He is so patience with us. We learn of patience as we seek to serve our risen Lord...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PALS Skating Event 10-17

What could be more fun than skating with hundreds of your best friends. For some this was their very first trip to Skateland. This is a fellowship building event sponsored by PALS. Parents found lots of ways to support their younger skaters. Mrs. Wanner was taking care of our student teachers, Ms. Debra and Ms. Katherine.
We are so thankful for our big kids and little kids. What fun at SLS.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Walk-A-Thon 2010 - What A Day For A Walk!

On Thursday PALS, our parent organization, hosted the 2010 Walk-A-Thon. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful event. Out students love this opportunity to walk and raise funds for their school.
This 90 minute walk for students in kindergarten through 8th grade helps to raise funds for the PALS organization. PALS uses the money to support our school program and different school activities. Our little ones in Mrs. Shaw's and Mr. Gerdes' classes did a lap of support before they took their afternoon naps.
Students walk laps at their own speed. Water is provided to keep the walker hydrated. Classroom parents are stationed to punch a walker's ticket as they complete a lap.
First Grade walked the most laps with 327 in the 90 minutes provided. Top school walkers were Evan Petrich, Wade Korns and Luke Rebmann who each were able to complete 24 laps in the alloted time. Way To Go Students and Staff of SLS!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Grade Sings for the Seniors

At Redeemer the seniors gather every Tuesday morning to fellowship and have a Bible Study. SLS often takes this opportunity to share a song or skill with these grampas and grammas. We love our seniors. Mr. Beckman taught the group our new "Fruit of the Spirit" song.

Leadership Ranch

Our 7th and 8th graders visited the Leadership Ranch in Republic on Monday. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Mrs. Shannon Schmidt helped us to arrange this wonderful day.
We spent the day learning to work together to overcome a problem. Struggle is the name of the game - cooperation and collaboration win the day.

Up, up and away... Takes a trusting soul to work through all the challenges presented at the ranch.

The ranch workers told us we were the best junior high group they had ever worked with... Wonder if they say that to all the groups. Or this really is a terrific group of students to work with.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mr. Beckman & First Graders Lead Chapel

Mr. Beckman lead chapel on the Fruit of the Spirit - Self-control. He introduced us to the Tator Family. We met father, Dick, and mother, Sweet and kids Emma, Speck and the twins, Bud and Spud. What a family...
First Grader shared the new Fruit of the Spirit song with placards to assist our singing. Way To Go! kids.

It takes lots of focus to play a hand chime. Must get your note sounded at just the right time to create a song.
Thanks for all your hard work to make this happen Mr. Beckman and first graders....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PALS - Ice Cream Social

People young and old enjoyed the PALS (SLS's parent group) Ice Cream Social on Monday. The PALS officers took the opportunity to tell the collected group of parents and students all about the important work of PALS. If you want to learn more about our parent group look for information outside the school office on the information shelf. Thanks everyone who came.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Fun

The week has been full of getting back to school. Meetings with teachers and students have set the stage for a terrific year of ministry. Our first day was great and uneventful. We relearned the routine very fast. We are all excited about the many things we will be learning. Who is looking happier to you(?) the parents or the students. I don't know but the parents seem very happy.

The Starbuck ladies are celebrating with a little coffee. Way To Go Moms...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dr. Cline Visits Kindergarten

Dr. Heather Cline, mother of one of our kindergarten and 2nd grade students, recently stopped by for a visit. During her time at SLS, Dr. Cline talked about good dental health and how we can keep our teeth healthy and white for many years. Many of our kindergarten students enjoy losing their teeth and visits from the Tooth Fairy. Dr. Cline assured us that losing teeth is okay, if you are a kid! At the end of her visit, Dr. Cline treated everyone to ice cream…well, maybe not…but she did give each student a new toothbrush and dental health coloring book!

Goodbye 8th Graders

Today is the last day for our 8th graders. They will begin high school in the fall. We will miss these fine Christian students. We have had great fun over the years. Some have been with us for many years and some only a few. All in all, they will be remembered as a wonderful class who could work hard and often made us laugh.

Mr. Irwin wrote a goodbye note on the whiteboard which prompted a lot of reply notes from the 8th graders. Thought you might like to read a few.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reggie Visits Pre-Kindergarten

The Pre-K class has been learning about summer safety as a part of our study of the letter S. We had a special visit from two Springfield police officers. They shared some demonstrations with Reggie, the search and rescue dog, and together they shared some safety rules and demonstrated the tools he uses on the job.

We appreciate all officers who work diligently to keep our community safe! Also Way To Go Reggie.