Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hale Hale the Farm's All Here - First Grade Farm Trip

Mr Hale and his family tend goats on their farm. The baby goats were a big hit and spent lots of the morning being carried around. They did not seem to mind all the attention...

What a fun trip to the Hale Goat Farm near Fordland. The Hale farm is very near a great creek with a good flow of water this time of year. Any ideas what the boys are all doing the minute we got there?

The day started out cool and cloudy but by lunch we were all getting rid of our jackets and enjoying the bright sunny skies. Lots to see and do on the farm.

Here are the Hales talking with Mr. Beckman as we watch the creek fill up with rocks from the kids.

Mr. Beckman is checking the shoes and boots of all the students. Some people were not to careful where they stepped.

Good Friday Chapel - 5th Grade

Mrs. Wanner and the 5th grade class lead our worship this last Friday on Good Friday. They presented a courtroom with the stern looking judge pictured above.

Lots of defendent were found to be guilty of various crimes. Our stern judge demanded punishment for these crime against the state. A Jesus like figure offered to accept the punishment for the other children. They gladly accepted his offer.

Lots of parents we also in attendance. We love it when parents are able to join us for worship.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Singing Saints Travel to Choir Contest

Choir Contest 2011 Strafford, MO.

The SLS Choir attended the Strafford Tri-M Music Festival yesterday and our choir received a “2+” rating which is very good (I told the kids that it’s equivalent to a “B+ on the school grading scale). A “1” is the top rating you can receive and the most coveted, but for our young choir I think a 2+ is very good. We will work on the little things the judges commented on yesterday so that when we go to the Six Flags Music Festival in 2 weeks, we will strive for that Superior rating!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Butterfly Magic in Kindergarten

Ben, one of our kindergarten students, was interested in butterflies and their life cycle. He and his family ordered some caterpillars on line and when they arrived brought them to school. Mrs. Swearingen kept them in the butterfly cage and they all watched.

Many stories and much discussion was had about butterflies and how all of that cycle stuff works. Caterpillar to pupa (chrysalis) to butterfly and then on to eggs and it all repeats again and again.

What fun science can be. This was one of SLS's hands on science projects. Thanks Ben for sharing your "bugs" with all of us.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Switch-Up Friday

Every year SLS has a Switch-Up Friday for all of our students. On this day students attend their next year's classroom and experience the fun of moving on and growing up. Pictured above are the kindergarteners visiting in Mr. Beckman's first grade room. There are lots of new things to "try out" in next year's classroom
Mrs. Stouder's second grade room has lots of neat science "hands on" learning opportunities. Here the students are exploring the science table and really "getting into" thier learning.

All grown up and looking smart as students in the middle grades. Third grade can be a puzzle and these second grade students are working to put the pieces together for a group project in Mrs. Lynn's room. All I can say is, "I'm puzzled."

And last but not least... eighth graders wrap around and spend some time with Mr. Gerdes in the preschool classroom... The play phones were a big hit, sorta like days gone by...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 Perfect Kite Flying Day

What brings out the joy in a Pre-Kindergarteners heart more than flying a kite. Mrs Shaw class along with help with the 8th graders did just that.
The wind was perfect and weather mild. Lots of different strings to keep straight.

Run this way, run that way, Watch out for....

I can do it myself was the happy response of this little guy.