Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maewyn Succate and SLS Chapel

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. SLS had chapel and learned about Maewyn. He was captured and taken as a slave to Ireland to work. He later escaped, returned to England, became a priest and returned to Ireland as Patrick to share his faith. He died in 461 AD on March 17. He is celebrated as the Patron Saint of Ireland. History cannot support the myth of driving out the snakes (probably refers to the many pagan rituals) and the teaching bout the Trinity using the shamrock. Saint Patrick was tied to Matthew 28 in our chapel worship - where we are commanded to "go" and "make disciples." The third graders are saying "Go!" in the picture above.

Friday, March 12, 2010

NLSW - Grandparents Day at SLS

What a joy to have hundreds of guests join us for Grandparents Day. We started with breakfast for all interested guests. Biscuits and gravy, cinnanon rolls and fruit were on the menu. We then moved to the different classrooms for lessons and activities with our special guests. At 10 we gathered in the church to hear from our choirs, violins, band and a few jokes from Mr. Baker. Awards were handed out for the grandparent with the most twins and the grandparent with the most grandkids under three years of age. Same grandparent won both awards--Mr. Baker!

NLSW - All School Juggling Assembly

Brennan Scott, a freshman at Drury University, led our juggling assembly. He could juggle three balls or four balls. He could do bowling pins and knives. He could juggle and balance on a rolling board. He could do it all. What fun! Brennan is from the east coast and his parents are in church work. Brennan is also an escape artist. We tied him up, we chained him down and he always got free. What fun during Lutheran Schools Week...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

NLSW - Crazy Hair Day

Part of our Lutheran School celebration is having fun with the students. Thursday was "crazy hair" day. The students love to see what they can come up with in the hair department. Above are a few pics of our crazy hair.

NLSW - What I Want To Be When I Grow UP

Our friends from the south at Redeemer Preschool came to the Springfield campus to join us for the morning. Above they are poised to load the bus for the exciting drive to Springfield. They attended chapel and had a great time...

Mrs. Magnus lead our Lutheran School Chapel and talked about growing up and serving our Lord. We had students dress as what they wanted to be when they grow up. We had doctors, astronauts, one young man wants to be president of the United States and one third grader dressed like her teacher, Mrs Lynn, wanting to be a teacher.

Students returned their Spam Banks filled with coins to support our congregational missionary work in Africa. Way To Go Kids!!!

NLSW - Tuesday South Creek Cleanup

Tuesday was service day for National Lutheran Schools Week. Students at SLS traveled north to Sunset Ave to pick up trash along the Greenway's South Creek Trail. What a great effort and what a great result. The students collected many pounds of trash. We feared for rain but the Lord sent us warm and cloudy weather to assist our cleaning efforts. When you drive on
Sunset Avenue look north and behold the natural beauty free of litter...

NLSW - Monday Pajama Day

What fun to wear your pajamas for the entire day... It seemed that there was more yawning in our classrooms. We love celebrating Lutheran Schools Week. Wake up everyone and get back to work...

Monday, March 8, 2010

SLS ECD Attends District EC Conference

Each year Mr. Gerdes coordinates a conference for early childhood educators throughout Missouri. Popular children's musician, Jim Gill, was the featured speaker. SLS ECD Staff attending were (Top Row - Miss Valerie, Mr. Gerdes, Mrs. Shaw; Bottom Row - Mrs. Swearingen, Ms. Adams). Over 200 educators gathered at Immanuel Lutheran Church & School in Wentzville for a day of fun and learning.