Friday, February 26, 2010

State Lutheran Basketball Tournament

Today we sent our boys basketball team and our cheerleading squad to the State Tournament for all Lutheran Schools in Missouri. We pray for safe travel and a tournament full of fun and great memories. Thank you to head coach, Duane Moudy, and assistant, Gary Foley, for all their hard work, many hours and caring for the team. We also thank Mrs. Karen Schaller, our cheerleading coach, for her many hours and hard work with our girls. Blessings on your weekend. Show them what we are made of.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre-School Visited By Springfield Police

I am guessing some of Mrs. Swearingen's preschoolers got a little out of hand and the police were called here last week. Officer Wong arrived quickly and put Mr. Baker in handcuffs. Later it was determined he was innocent but just barely. A couple of preschoolers were almost taken downtown for questioning but some quick thinking by Mrs. Rovey and Mrs Swearingen saved them.

Pastors Gather At Redeemer

This last week the circuit pastors gathered at Redeemer for their monthly meeting. Pastor Parvey lead their worship using Mr. Potato Head. He later used Mr. P at our chapel worship on Wednesday. Our Stouder/Beckman Class Choir sang a couple of songs to add to the pastors worship. Pastor Shaw (upper right) and Pastor Tessaro (lower right) both have kids at SLS.

8th Grade Shares the Valentine Love

The SLS 8th grade class is famous for showing the love to students in our school from pre-school to 7th grade. This Valentine season is no exception. The 8th graders made cards and delivered them to all of the Springfield classes. They read them aloud to their favorite younger students. We are all so impressed with our thoughtful 8th graders. Have a great Valentine's Day. Show the love and let them know that Jesus is the reason.

Friday, February 5, 2010

4th Grade - We love Our Friends Blog

Mr. Heilman's 4th graders took some time to think about friends. Some quotes from their writings: Friends are people who trust you and care about you. I love friends because they are always there for you. Friends are good because they help you with your problems. Even when we have some hard times - friends are there. I think friends are good because they help when you are sad. Friends are fun to hang out with on weekends. Friends are wonderful gifts from God. Friends are both nice and helpful. It seems to me that friends are very important to all of us. We love our best friend, Jesus.

3rd Grade Encouragement Cards

Mrs. Lynn and our 3rd graders often use their time and talents to make encouragement cards for people in our congregation. Each card is carefully produced and personalized to the intended recipient. Mrs. Lynn calls these "angel cards". Pastors often take these on their visits and share them to encourage the people being visited. This month 3rd grade sent them to SLS/RLC workers to share the love.

1st Grade Teaches Us to Spell Love

In 1st grade it is all about letters and words. What better way to share our love of learning and our love of the Lord but by using our bodies to tell the world about His Love.

Pre-Kindergarten Love

Pre-K is sharing the "Love" of learning letters, reading good books and best of all praising Jesus everyday.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Video of Big Friend / Little Friend Cookie Time

Just a short video of SLS students decorating cookies together. You will see Mrs. Magnus' seventh graders and Mrs. Swearingen's preschoolers. Great example of kids enjoying each other and Valentine cookies. (Mr. Baker's little camera also does videos - who would know)

Seventh Graders Invade Preschool - Sharing the Love!

Mrs. Magnus and the seventh graders decided to "show the love" in action this week. Our SLS seventh graders spent time with the preschoolers, making new friends, reading books together, and decorating and eating cookies (see preschool love blog). A good time was had by both the 3 year olds and the 13 year olds.

True Love is Sharing Time - Preschool and 7th Grade

The SLS preschoolers partnered with Mrs. Magnus' seventh graders to show love and kindness to one another. Each "big" kid read a Valentine story or friendship book to one of the "little" kids. Together they also decorated and ate Valentine cookies. What can be more fun than frosting your own cookies and covering them with colorful sprinkles...lots of sprinkles. See the 7th grade blog for more about this shared time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For 6th Grade Love Is-

Mrs. Schaller's 6th grade spent time thinking about love and caring for one another. For our 6th grade students love is:

1. Helping a friend when she drops her books.
2. Giving a helping hand to a friend.
3. Comforting a friend in need.
4. Sharing great ideas with friends.

Thank you sixth graders for your blog on loving and caring for each other this February.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love - 2nd Grade Style

When asked to do the "love" blog second grade spent some time and discussed the meaning of love. The students had several great ideas, but the one thing that always came to the surface during the discussion was "where does love come from?" And of course the answer was - GOD IS LOVE. Thus we put the cross inside our heart.

SLS Kindergarten - Love Is...

February is the month of love. I have asked the staff and students to brainstorm ways to share a blog post here about the theme "Love and SLS." Mr. Gerdes and our kindergarten students want to share their ideas about love.

Love is (upper left) Jesus and what He does for us; (upper right) making a card to share; (lower left) hugs with friends and (lower right) being with friends.