Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2nd Grade Chapel - Goodness

Mrs. Stouder and her 2nd grade students were our chapel leaders. They taught us about the Fruit of the Spirit word for January - Goodness. We learned about the tremendous goodness of God and how our goodness falls way short. They sang for us and played their music during the offering time.
Way to go Mrs. Stouder. We are always so blessed to be lead by our classrooms in chapel.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Artist in Residence - Mrs. Ann Meese

Artist Ann Meese visited SLS today as our "Artist in Residence." We started together in a school assembly and learned how artist go about thier work. A painting was started during our assembly.

We saw our painting getting started from the very beginning. She began with a base coat of this pretty red, toning the canvas...

Students were encouraged to stop by throughout the day to talk about art and to view the painting and its progress.

Early in the process. Big areas are being defined. Mrs. Meese continued to paint and SLS students continued to stop by and watch... Artist Meese told us she attempts to sell her work for about $1 per square inch. Our 12 by 16 work would thus be priced around $200.

By 2:30 the painting had moved to the nearly finished stage. Mrs. Meese took the painting to each classroom to show the students. Artist Meese told me she will take a few more hours to complete the work... She has promised to send us a print from the original. The original will be available at "Fresh" - a cooperative gallery for local artists on the corner of Campbell and Walnut.

Thank you, Mrs. Meese, for this opportunity for our students. It was great! As we say at SLS

Way To Go!

PS - Mrs. Meese was an art teacher in the catholic schools of Springfield and later became an administrator and superintendent of Springfield Catholic Schools. She is a dear friend...

Friday, January 7, 2011

$1000 Spam Sandwich

A dear SLS donor and great lover of Spam made a gift to the school of $1000 to rework the student computer area in Mrs. Schaller's 6th grade room. He was aware that Mrs. Schaller, in the past, had refrained from having a Spam sandwich at our Spam Festival. He was willing to assist the computer work if Mrs. Schaller would consent to try a spam burger. He even supplies the spam. Above are the photo records of this event. I am told Mrs. S was quite taken with this tasty treat. Thank you, special donor, for your support of our school ministry!

Basketball Game January 4th, 2011

Just back from the Christmas break and basketball is well under way. Our 7th and 8th grade teams competed against the Wildcats from Trinity Freistatt. The cheerleaders got the fans all fired up. Bernie was active leading cheers as our school mascot. Way To Go - Cheerleaders!

Our Lady Saints played hard and showed great intensity. We needed a few more shots to drop through the net. We lost this game 30 to 21. The girls were a joy to watch.

The boys also tangled with the Friestatt boys and were able to defeat them. It was a great night of basketball. Way To Go Saints!